​​​​​Murder for Girls​​
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​Melodic riotous punk rock delivered by Pittsburgh natives since 2013, featuring members, now or then, of Bunny Five Coat, Blindsider, Paris Green, Liverball, and Zits of America...We'll break your heart and you'll love us for it
  1. CD RELEASE!!! / Aftershock Theatre / Lawrenceville $5 includes cd / 10pm (following Angelmakers @8pm)

Murder for Girls  has a new LP, ALL THE PRETTY STARS, and will be launching with a CD release show on Nov 11, 2017 at Lawrenceville's new Aftershock Theatre at 10 pm.  The show will commence following the final performance of true crime concert production ANGELMAKERS: Songs for Female Serial Killers  (featuring drummer Michele and former member Zorahna), and is free for patrons of that 8pm performance.  A free CD will be included in the $5 cover for the MFG performance.  To purchase tickets for Angelmakers, visit  https://www.artful.ly/real-time-interventions/store/events/13092 .  

Murder for Girls featured in 2 part exclusive Entertainment Central Pittsburgh article feature...big shout out to Christopher Maggio for the story!